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Visit our still under construction website by clicking here..  So what's going on?  Well, Chicago Wholesale Fabrics is no more.  No more showroom.  This website will eventually go away.  We still have great lines with low minimums and continuity.  Check into our Facebook community.  See us at our Fabric Fest Shows throughout the country.

See brand new lines, James Thompson, British Millerain and constant new fabrics from Kendor Textiles, Sextet Knits, Fabric Avenue, Fabric Mart, Philips Boyne and tons more.

DG Expo Miami on Sept. 15 and 16

The Sourcing District Represents These Fine Companies

Kendor Textiles:  Casual Functional Fabrics
Sextet Knits:  The finest Rayon/Spandex jersey
Philips Boyne:  Fine Pima Cotton Shirting
Preview Textile Group:  Finest Silk
Barbie International: Buttons, Zippers, Hardware, More
Oriole Textiles:  Party Dress, Bridal, Bridal Party Fabrics and More
Home Fashion Fabrics by Josi Severson:  Josi's Unique Textile Artistry
Wimpfheimer Velvets:  Velvet, Velour, Velveteen, Corduroy, Faux Fur
Fabric Mart:  America's #1 Fashion Fabric Jobber
Guide Fabrics:  The Designer's Secret.  Lining and Interlining
Pearl Trim:  Notions, Trims, Garment Construction Necessities
Blue Desert Company:  Broadcloth, Poplin, Twill
Fabric Avenue:  Impressive Wovens
Novatex International:  Faux Leather, Faux Fur, Faux Suede, Plastics

Mikan Printing:  Labels, hang tags, narrow fabric printing.  The branding experts.
City Textiles:  Contemporary knits from California
British Millerain: Waxed Cottons


#1 mistake an Independent Designer can make?  Buying fabric at retail.

When you buy fabric in a retail store and you plan on trying to commercialize your work, you have lost before you have started.  Why is this sweeping statement almost always true?

To commercialize your work, you must be able to replicate your work.  Retail stores almost never offer fabric with continuity.  This means fabric from a constant inventory.  So your lovely white damask sleeveless dress (for example) will always be a one of a kind no matter how much demand you have for the garment.

Even if by some miracle, you are able to rebuy your initial fabric, your disadvantages are just beginning.

It is a simple fact of life; retail prices are 2X to 5X higher than wholesale prices.  When you identify yourself as a “designer” some stores will provide you with what they erroneously call a “wholesale” price.  This is usually a 20% discount from the retail price.  Hardly wholesale by any stretch of the imagination.

Price is not the only difficulty.  Most retail fabrics are sold on bolts.  These flat boards make for nifty store stock keeping, but the short boards require that fabrics be folded before they are rolled on the bolt.  In many fabrics, this leaves a permanent crease.  In addition, cutting contractors will not spread and cut fabrics that are bolted (or they will charge a substantial surcharge).

Do you think that these are the only problems?  Wrong!!  The bolted fabric can fade and/or wear in an uneven manner.  Fabrics for commercial use should ALWAYS be delivered R.O.T. (rolled on tubes). 

This is not the entire story, but hopefully you have been convinced. It is terribly important to understand what fabrics can be sourced with continuity before the design process is completed.

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