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About Us

The Sourcing District is a new and different way to source fashion fabrics, buttons, zippers, trim, notions and “guts”!  We represent the top vendors in the Apparel and Accessories Industry.  We sell to you, our valued clients, at the “showroom” price.  No retail mark up. Enormous inventories to choose from.  Best of all, almost all of our vendors allow you to buy sample making yardage and come back weeks or months later and buy for inventory.  We offer continuity on 90% of our presentation. 

We provide many difficult to source items.  You are provided with a tremendous selection of linings, interlinings, muslin, twill tape, cord edge, bias binding, dyed to match button service and much, much more.  In need of labels?  We have solutions.  Do we have everything?  No.  We just have close to everything.

We offer this website for you to peruse.  We invite you to email us.  For start-ups, we have a terrific consulting and swatch service.  We encourage you to start a fabric library and we will do more than help.  We will provide you with solid resources and direction.

More About Us

Jay Arbetman is the owner and proprietor of The Sourcing District.  Jay earned his first dollar in the Apparel Industry picking orders in his family’s woman’s coat manufacturing business in about 1964.  He started full-time as a salesman in 1971.  From 1975 to 2000 Jay performed in positions such as merchandising assistant, store manager, store supervisor, sales manager, fabric and trim buyer, apparel company executive, showroom manager and much more.  Living in New York for ten years, he worked on Seventh Avenue and went to night school at Fashion Institute of Technology.  In 2001, Jay began selling buttons and zippers and then spent the last dozen years or so gathering the industry’s finest suppliers. 

Seeing a need, Jay crafted his supplier package so indie designers and others producing domestically would be able to sample fabrics and trims and then purchase for production at a later date.  The Sourcing District also supplies product worldwide.  We specialize in continuity.  We specialize in high quality fabrics, notions and trims that you deserve.  We specialize in a selection that is unparalleled. 

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